The Safest Ways To Withdraw Money From An ATM

Always at risk

Even though taking money out of a bank machine is just a normal part of everyday life for millions of people, it still puts you at risk.

Tips to keep you safe

To limit this risk, the police in several countries around the world have developed a series of tips with the aim of keeping you safe while taking out cash at an ATM.

Cover the keyboard

The first of all, which is even announced on the ATM screen, is to cover the pin pad when entering your PIN.

Foreign elements

Sometimes we can find small surveillance cameras that capture the PIN of customers or even elements that look like the card slot.

Don't trust strangers

Although it may seem absurd, which it is not, police recommend not trusting unknown people.

Avoid suspicious items

In other cases, the most dangerous criminals carry out the robbery directly. So, if you ever see someone suspicious hanging around the ATM.

Take your receipts

Another useful tip is to always take any printed receipts with you. You do not want to let a criminal know any personal information or how much money you have left in your account.

Withdraw small amounts

Police also recommend you do not to withdraw large amounts of money from your account. If you need it.

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