Are These The Most Dangerous Jobs In The World?

Mountain guides

This one takes guts. Not only are you having to deal with extreme and unpredictable weather and environmental conditions, you're taking other people's lives in your hands.

Lion tamers

Can a lion ever really be tamed? These guys thinks so and are willing to risk life and limb to try it.


Crushed or severed fingers, cuts, bruises, grazes, and breathing in a fine mist of sawdust all day are commonplace in this trade.


The bigger the star the greater the risk, at least for the brave men and women who double up as big-screen action heroes to bring off spectacular stunts and set pieces.

Street sweepers

Who would have thought this job could be so dangerous? Well, it depends on the road you're sweeping and where it's located.

High voltage electricians

Working near electricity is about as dangerous as a working environment can get. But handling high-voltage cables at great heights calls for a considerable degree of technical know-how.


The work these unsung heroes undertake in the name of safety is truly commendable.


Working with heavy-duty tools, handling components, the risk of breathing in dangerous fumes, and the risk of chemical spills all add up to working in a very hazardous working environment.


It's work which often involves balancing on exposed beams, at a considerable height above the ground.


Inherently dangerous, a police officer's life is put on the line every time they go out on patrol.

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