10 Essential Tips For Parenting Toddlers

Encourage pretend play

When your little one uses a hairbrush as a microphone or puts on a dress to become a princess.

Read to them daily

The American Academy of Pediatrics encourages reading to your baby as soon as they are born to stimulate brain development and help build language and literacy.

Give them choices

Young children want to feel like they have some power and control over what they can do, which is why offering them choices can help alleviate their frustration or anger.

Encourage curiosity

Young children are naturally curious, and by fostering their curiosity you’re helping support your child’s growth.

Give them lots of nurturing

As a parent, hopefully you’re already giving your toddler plenty of hugs, kisses, snuggles and validation of their emotions.

Model behaviour

When it comes to teaching your toddler what’s acceptable, it’s important to remember that children are keen observers, watching what their parents and caregivers do.

Keep a routine

Keeping a routine for your little one isn’t only to make your life easier. Your toddler craves predictability and routine.

Set clear boundaries

When setting a limit, parenting expert Janet Lansbury suggests projecting calm and allowing your child to make a choice, if appropriate.

Use humour

Making jokes and being silly with your little one isn’t just for pure enjoyment —there are tons of benefits in using humour as a parenting tool.

Give transition warnings

Transitions can be challenging for toddlers as you move them from one activity to the next.

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